Rodent repellent system is an intelligent system which helps in keeping the rodent away from the protected area with high frequency ultrasonic sounds. The powerful sound waves generated by the transducers of repellers are within the hearing range of many pests and cause them pain and discomfort.

Salient Features

  • R-Scat HFT uses a Variable high frequency ultrasound (above 20Khz) so that pests do not get accustomed.
  • It works silently, humans can't hear them so there is no discomfort.
  • Human can't hear the usltrasound but for Rodent its like a loud police siren blasting all 24/7. it will drive them crazy.
  • They would start avoiding areas protected by R-Scat

Other Features

  • R-Scat Digital Rodent Repeller.
  • Supports LCD Display with on board controls.
  • Can be configures Wave speed, Wave density, Frequency Band,Time, Frequency Testing, Transducer Testing and machine id.
  • Transducer Support 250 Sqft in all area (i.e Room void, above false ceiling and below false ceiling.
  • Frequency band of frequencies above 20khz and below 60khz.

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