Access control system is designed to control the access of personnel into an Organization by the process of authorization. The Biometric access control system provides a convenient and quick access to an authorized person.

Salient Features


Multi User and Multi Client Facility


Login User activity will be recorded.


Support Timezone and MultiLevel Access


Support Database Backup, Restore, Archive.


Transactions are recorded with detailed reports.


Support 4 Aux Inputs & Output.

Other Features

  • Door Control Panel:
    • One Door (2 Reader)
    • Two Door (4 Reader)
  • Card User Database can be available from 4000 to 25,000.
  • Can Support Multi Combination of :
    • Card Reader
    • BioMetric Readers
    • Keypad Reader
  • Can be interfaced with Fire Panel System , Surveillance System & Door Sensor Devices.
  • Can be interfaced with RFID readers, Barrier Gates and Turnstile devices.

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